A fast developing corporation was established in"2013", by the owners and expertise of Purex Health Care Egypt 2006, specialized in manufacturing of (cosmo - medical Preparations).Gulf entrepreneurs is one of the leading companies in Aromatherapy, personal care, detergents, and hotel amenities manufacturing allover UAE. The factory produce the innovative products, and selling of our and privet label products.

We provide the company of health care products with fully integrated business solutions that will enable them to reach their ultimate potential while realizing their highest levels of economy scale. With Gulf entrepreneurs you will no longer have to worry about local or regional barriers, our expertise will allow you to evaluate, explore and penetrate your markets effectively and efficiently.

Gulf entrepreneurs is a company specialized in health and body care business aiming to taking charge of all marketing & distribution activities that will ensure not only the proper launch of the products but also will pave the way for a healthy product life cycle.

Our Vision

In Gulf entrepreneurs, we believe that our responsibility is to improve the health quality of life and attention to health and beauty, all of this, While ensuring that these products are still far from the side-effects and contraindications whenever possible.

We also believe as a team that we should contribute to the advancement of Gulf area beauty industry.

We also recognize that the company's social responsibility must be taken as one of our major priorities.

Our Mission

Gulf entrepreneurs' mission is not only to be symbols of the medical and cosmetics treading in Gulf area, but also to become one of the key players in the global market by targeting the following goals and determination:

  • Insures high product quality and efficiency.
  • Strong customer satisfaction.
  • Positive reputation/image.
  • Strong global presence.
  • Increased local and global market share.
  • Developing employees and good working conditions.
  • Applying and Respecting the laws and regulations.
  • Ensures all opportunities for the all, without any distinction, without regard to race, color, religion, sex national origin, citizenship, citizenship, age or disability.

Our Main strength is a powerful value chain that consists of:

  • Our advanced & high capabilities factory, developed know-how, and highly advanced research conducted to the factory ranking as a most truthful and dependable convention manufacturers.
  • Gulf Entrepreneurs can assure their clients an entire and wide-ranging package of products, services, guidance, methodical information consulting & supporting along with very sophisticated marketing tricks
  • All employees are taking progressing advantage through continuous training and work developing program.
  • A Management team boasting with 100 years of collective experience, and an impressive track record within multinational companies across the region.
  • Strong values that guarantee a concrete code of business ethics and stable, honorable representation of our principals.
  • Fully integrated business solution that address, tackle and overcome the inefficiencies that exist in the agency business within the Middle East Region.

The main factory consists of two specialized factories as follows:

Factory & Production:
(Cosmetics & detergents): This produces the following items:
  1. Mono essential oils
  2. Multi essential oils
  3. Hair Care (Shampoos, Balsams and Oils)
  4. Skin, Body and Hair Creams & Gels
  5. Showers& Bath Foams & Gels
  6. Tooth Paste